Acts That Impact Social Change

Acts That Impact Social Change

Acts That Impact Social ChangeActs That Impact Social ChangeActs That Impact Social Change

Building Theater for Social Change Through Spoken Word, Music, Lyric, and Performance Collaborations

About The Artist

Pamela Belitch is a performance arts facilitator, spoken word slam poet, and song lyricist whose works center around social justice activism and self-empowerment. In May of 2019, she founded her own not-for-profit Theatre for Social Change production company, Write To Be Scene, which provides free performance arts education for youths seeking creative outlets of self-expression. 

About The Company

What Is Theatre For Social Change?

Theatre for Social Change uses live performance to explore positive ways to address negative societal circumstances.  Write To Be Scene facilitations may explore sensitive topics, not to exclude racism, gender stigmatization, drug addiction, mental illness, or sexual trauma. Sessions include small group improvisation workshops centered around team building and problem solving through theatre techniques. 


 To affect positive social change within the lives of communities and individuals by strengthening human capabilities of openness, creativity, collaboration, communication, working through conflict, and entertaining diverse perspectives. 


 To perpetually affect positive social change in communities and individuals throughout the world by inspiring each new generation to work together to explore ways to unite, using their own original acts, emotions, thoughts, and voices as the tools.  


Join The Movement. Together, We WILL Rebuild The World.