Live Promo For Tonight's Compliment Slam On Good Day Orlando

Orlando Poetry Slam To Host "Compliment Slam" Tonight 8/22/19 8PM At Blue Bamboo Center For The Arts. Free to compete, free to watch. For more info visit 



The Orlando Poetry Slam was filmed live for this morning's segment of Good Day Orlando, promoting the Compliment Slam we are hosting this evening in Winter Park, FL.  The segment shows OPS members competing in a min-slam format to see who the news anchors vote as the best compliment givers. Tonight, community members are invited to come out and sign up to compete against each other in a head-to-head compliment match. They may be complimenting some of their best friends or perfect strangers. What matters is embracing each other's creativity in a night of celebrating giving compliments just for fun and to bring the public together in positivity.

Free Show both for audience and participants. Winner voted best compliments of the whole night wins $50. Sign up to compete between 7pm-8pm or just come enjoy the show. 

Thanks to Chris Cortez for providing the venue for tonight's performance and to Ray Jimenez of the OPS committee and David Martin of Fox 35 Orlando for setting up this morning's news feature. Repeat clips of the segments may be found on the news station's Facebook and Twitter.

Southern Fried Poetry Slam 2019

Check out DeLand's Mainstreet Art and Culture Poetry Slam Team, Breaking Bad, performing a Group Piece in our Day 2 Prelims bout at SoFried 2019 in Fayetteville, NC! All participants in the performance had original authorship of some of the lines in the piece and we each helped weave the parts together to create a final production.

(Past) Announcements


Pamela Belitch will be touring in Fayetteville, NC this June 5th-8th, 2019, to compete in the annual Southern Fried Poetry Slam tournament as part of DeLand's Mainstreet Art and Culture slam team, Breaking Bad Poetry. This year, SoFried will consist of 32 teams, 24 indies, 28 preliminary bouts, and 200+ poets over a 4 day competition to see who takes home the 1st place title at Finals stage. Poets will be judged each bout by 5 random audience participants on a scale from 0-10, on criterion of content, creativity, and performance.

Be on the lookout for performance content post-tournament!

Slam is a beautiful platform for all ages to have their own societal backgrounds, cultural perspectives, religious values, life struggles, etc, entertained by live audiences without censorship and with the opportunity to create an impact that resonates, perhaps even on a national level. For more information about Southern Fried, please visit

For more information on DeLand's local slam team, how to place into future regional bouts, and more, please visit Mainstreet Art & Culture Slam's Facebook page, link posted below. The MAC DeLand Slam is a not-for-profit entity and its slammaster, Noir Jente, is doing a wonderful job of encouraging young new voices in the spoken word scene to get their names out there. To keep growing, his venue could use your patronage.  

Exodus United, Inc. at Orlando Fringe

Orlando Fringe Theatre Festival; Fringe Outdoor Stage

A non-profit business which Belitch has recently begun volunteering with as an arts facilitator, Exodus United, Inc., will have a youth showcase later this month at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, at the Outdoor Stage located in Lockhaven Park. Belitch had a hand in orchestrating this performance and is very excited for its outcome. 

Exodus United's Fringe showcase will be on Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 from 7-8pm. 

For further information on Belitch's facilitation efforts within Exodus, click here:

Get Lit: Closed Mic


Performing this Wednesday, May 1st, at the "Get Lit" event at The Nook on Robinson, Belitch will take the stage alongside 3 other local spoken word performance artists. Each reader will have a set running about 15-20 minutes. 

"Get Lit: Closed Mic" is a once per month prose and poetry readers series curated by local artist N.C. Bek, held Wednesday evenings from 8:30-11:30pm. To keep updated on future readers series at The Nook, please follow NCBEK Poet by clicking the "Get Lit!" link below.

To learn about all arts events and scheduled speakers appearing regularly at The Nook, check out their Facebook page at and help support a top notch local small business in downtown Orlando. 

Orlando Poetry Slam with Pamela Belitch



Belitch will be the guest feature at The Milk Bar Lounge during this Thursday evening's Orlando Poetry Slam to help celebrate her first original performance poetry collection, "Speak," and to attempt to inspire others to speak their own truths as well and not shy away from sharing their unique talents and perspectives with the world. Thanks and gratitude due to Slam Master Joe XO for the invitation.

The Milk Bar, thanks a million to owner Bret Ashman, is home to Orlando Poetry Slam events twice each month, throughout the year, since 2014. For more information on the home slam venue that acted as catalyst for much of Belitch's current work in social activism within the realm of competitive spoken word performance, please follow the OPS Facebook group at  and become part of an instant family.

Performance Event Location: 2424 E Robinson St, Orlando, FL 32801

Date And Time: Thursday, February 21, 2019 in between 9-11pm (during the halftime break between rounds 1 and 2 of the bout)


The Orlando Cringe


Belitch live on stage at THE ABBEY in DOWNTOWN ORLANDO in a production of the Orlando Cringe, a show comprised entirely of the cast's individual grade school diary entries and brought to life entirely through collaborative table reads and Google Docs chats. 2016 


Orlando Cringe Cast And Crew 2016. (Belitch front, center).



In 2013, Belitch (bottom, center) helped to found this now public school based, improvised youth theatre troupe under the direction of Stage Manager Jonathan Jackson and overseen by UCF Honors Theatre for Social Change professor and internship coordinator, Sybil St Claire.

From building poster designs and company description to co-facilitating workshops and participating in the culminating troupe performance at the ORLANDO REPERTORY THEATRE, Belitch's teamwork with this partnership between UCF theatre majors like herself and non-actor ZEBRA HOUSE COALITION youths brought much valuable insight and introductory experience during her undergrad.

The Vagina Monologues


Cast of Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues--directed by Courtney Helen Grile--after UCF Victim Services' 2013 production in the SU Pegasus Ballroom. (Belitch 2nd from left).

National Poetry Slam Quals


2017 NATIONAL POETRY SLAM QUALIFIER bout at the HENAO CONTEMPORARY CENTER in Orlando, FL. (Featured: competitors and bout co-hosts). Belitch (top right) was one of the top 10 final competing poets invited to the grand slam out of THE ORLANDO POETRY SLAM'S over 60 total slam poet participants throughout the year.

One Billion Rising Campaign


In 2017, as part of this national yearly VDay campaign movement to end domestic violence and sexual abuse against women, Belitch was invited to take the outdoor stage at her alma mater to perform an original spoken word piece, "Mixed Signals," about oppressors who blur the lines of sexual consent. Her performance landed her a brief interview spot in the Central Florida Focus. The article may be seen here: