With her debut performance poetry collection, "Speak," Belitch hopes to inspire others to speak their own truths and not shy away from sharing their unique talents and perspectives with the world. 

"Speak" has earned a very kind and humbling critique from a local blogger, Nicholas Teague, in his online Medium. Check out the full article here to continue to help support local artists and entertain diverse perspectives:

"Speak" is now live on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle eBook versions. 

Cover Illustration By: Kassandra Munoz

Music Libraries


Pamela Belitch is SEEKING COLLABORATIONS with musicians, singers, spoken word and other recording artists who are interested in incorporating her words in sharing their own stories. 

Belitch has most recently received commissions from Fiverr, The Orlando Fringe's "Poetry Vending Machine," and Premium Lyrics' online music licensing library, where she currently features samples of her past lyrics. 

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